About Manu

What's going on for me right now

Currently, I live in Tervuren, a small city near Brussels, with my wife Angela and my two kids, Julie and Liam. I devote most of my time to five activities:  

  • My coaching practice mainly focused on helping corporate executives increase their performance through a better relationship with their own humanity. 

  • My recruitment activities where I help organizations initiate sustainable relationships with senior executives. 

  • Our family project. Angela and I work hard on the creation of an eco-village including a 25-home cohousing neighbourhood. Our dream is to rethink the way we live together on this planet. In our community, we want to integrate ecological, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability.

  • The simple moments I enjoy with my family and the other communities I care about. 

  • The personal practices that support my own exploration of a life with more meaningful productivity and serenity.

My commitment

Over the past decade, I have made it my commitment to help leaders increase meaningful productivity and achieve inner peace. I am convinced that exemplary leadership is available to anyone who is willing to get on the path and stay on it.

How coaching changed my life

Before I started coaching, my professional life followed a pretty traditional route: I graduated from business school with a Masters in Management. I worked in recruitment for 12 years before setting up my own successful recruitment business.

But I felt disconnected, unfulfilled, as if something was missing. When a friend suggested coaching, I took part in a leadership development programme run by Newfield Network. And it changed everything.

I realised that I made all my decisions with my mind and neglected what my emotions and my body were trying to tell me. I realised that my assumptions were not “the way things were” as I had always supposed – they were just my interpretation of things. And I realised that all these new insights weren’t going to change anything unless I put them into practice, every day. So that’s what I did.

Now I can observe and adapt my own behaviours to produce more positive outcomes in my work and my personal life. I make more meaningful decisions. I’m a happier, more balanced person, fulfilled in my work and my life.

It’s not always easy. It requires discipline and commitment. But every day is better because I’m on this journey.

Manu’s coaching is founded on deep listening and based on simple and practical behavioural changes. In only a few sessions, he has helped me develop a more conscious, anchored style of management.
Anouk Colardyn, Associate Director - Coca-Cola

My training

Beside my MBA, I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coaching Federation, a Certified Ontological Coach (NCC) with Newfield Network and a Certified Somatic Coach TM with Strozzi Institutes, recognised among the best coaching schools in the world.

My methods are grounded in my own experiences in coaching and business. I incorporate technics inspired by martial arts, social psychology, mindfulness and up-to-date neuroscientific research. My work is also influenced by my own joyful journey of personal and spiritual development.

My background

Training and certification

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Ontological Coach (NCC), Newfield Network (Colorado)

  • Certified Somatic Coach (SISC), Strozzi Institute – Center for Embodied Leadership (California)

  • Certified Facilitator, The leadership circle profileTM and Point of ValueTM

  • Practitioner Mindfulness Stress-based Reduction (MSBR) Programme, Emergences (Belgium)

Professional experience

  • 1997-2007: Director (Marketing and HR Services)

  • 2007: Founded Ninedots Executive Recruitment

  • 2012: Founded Ninedots Executive Coaching

  • 2018: Lecturer at Solvay Business School

  • Registered for outplacement services

Academic qualifications

  • Masters in Business Engineering - 1994

  • Advanced Master in International Management - 1995


  • Coaching is available in English and French

  • Fluent in Dutch

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