I write about my work as an executive search consultant and a leadership coach. I write about my own experience of trying to live a mindful life. I write about ontological and somatic coaching. And I write about the things I learn from  the people around me.

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4 keys to become an authentic leader

Henry took a long look at himself and figured out the changes he had to make to become the leader

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4 keys to become an authentic leader 11.01.2018
The art of deep listening 07.06.2017
Are you present? 12.03.2017
Confessions of a naked coach 21.11.2016

My resolution for 2018

Practices and committed listeners are key for reaching your commitment. The first ones will help

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You can’t change what you don’t see

Meet Henry. He’s just made a powerful discovery and now he’s on his way to

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The art of deep listening

Would you trust an executive coach or a recruiter who struggles to really listen to

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Are you present?

What is “presence”, and how can it put you in touch with your leadership potential?

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