Coaching Testimonials

Coaching has helped many of my clients realise their full potential as leaders, and find fulfilment in their daily lives. Here is what some of them have to say about working with me.
Manu Henrard - founder of NineDots



Manu made me dig deep to understand what I needed to do or do better: to align my emotions, my body and my actions; Each session was a step in the right direction and helped me to be a better leader.
Olivier Deutschmann, CEO, Alcomotiv
I started coaching with Manu hoping to solve business issues. I ended up with much more powerful, creative and efficient solutions than I had first in mind. Those helped me work with more serenity and brought me to a higher level of management.
Valerie Pierre, Sales Director Western Europe - Microsoft 
Manu has the extraordinary skill to teach you things just by listening and asking simple questions.
Ronny Goossens, Chief Digital Officer - Plantyn
We started nearly by chance and ended by sharing one of the most meaningful discussions I ever had. Manu truly has a gift and shares it very generously with others.
Marie Gigot, Commercial Director - LVMH
Bert Depiere.jpg
Manu has proven to be an exceptional soundboard - listening to the broader setup of corporates and the roles of individuals as well as understanding myself. He helped me understand that I can create options for my future and most importantly Manu helped me define my why and made me aware of my thinking and being mode. Highly recommended ! .
Bert Depiere, Vice President Fittings - Ideal Standard International
Exchanging with Manu is a powerful journey you embark on elevating your self awareness on strengths and vulnerabilities. The coaching sessions fly and you quickly see progresses by testing and applying the techniques on your day to day.
Sandrine Garin , Global Business Development Chief of Staff - SWIFT 
sandrine garin.jpg
Manu has been a great thought partner and sounding board during a period of intense change. He makes sure goals are set and will always follow through, which gives a great sense of accomplishment. Each session has been a pleasure, and a big step forward!
Sandrine le Thomas, Senior Director, Global Digital Mktg - Alere, inc.
Manu is a great coach who both understands the corporate reality and is able to bring a more emotional and physical approach into it.
François Michaux, Director Strategy - Proximus
The combination of "aha!" moments and feasible practices initiated a real change in my life.
Caroline Barbieux, HR Director - Schweppes
Spending time with Manu was truly investing time in myself. Different from all other coaching, training or leadership courses was that Manu helped me to find inner peace with my authentic self. He invited me to untap this infinite potential and gave me some tools to support me in the journey. Then, it was up to me. And I’m working on it!”
Peter Pintens, International Portfolio and Innovation Director - La Lorraine Bakery Group 
Manu helped me leverage my strengths at best and smooth my weaknesses in order to grow my leadership. I got out of each session grown up, with new practices to apply in my day to day job, and the nice thing is that I can also apply them in my personal life.
Marie - Charlotte Henseval, Chapter Lead Product Management - SWIFT
Manu’s coaching is founded on deep listening and based on simple and practical behavioural changes. In only a few sessions , he has helped me develop a more conscious, anchored style of management.
Anouk Colardyn, Associate Director - Coca-Cola
Manu helped me see my world in a different more peaceful way and helped me integrate new body practices even during board meetings. These very discreet techniques help me increase my impact and become more at peace.
Murielle Machiels, Academic director, Solvay University - Founder Qili

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