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Now is the time to Redefine Leadership

In today’s fast-paced, complex world, it is more difficult for leaders to make sense of their environment.

The level of trust and engagement is lower than ever, the traditional collaborative models are challenged, and performance is jeopardized by the recurrent need to predict and control. One thing is clear, the same approach just isn’t working anymore. It’s time for something different.

There is an alternative to just leading from the top down

It's leading from the inside out

The workshops are designed for Senior Executives and leadership teams open to learning new ways to build a healthier, more productive and meaningful corporate environment.

Through a set of techniques integrating cutting-edge advances in neurosciences and governance models with timeless principles, you will learn to cultivate new leadership qualities allowing you to lead organisations in a purpose-driven and responsive way.

The offer

Using a personal holistic framework - I design and deliver customized workshops for your executive team – whether you're trying to:

  • Cultivate presence and self-mastery as a foundation for exemplary leadership
  • Help leaders and teams increase resilience in times of trouble
  • Clarify individual and shared vision and broaden perspectives
  • Implement cultural transformation

I offer experiential workshops ranging from 1.5 hours to 3.5 days on- or off-site. These workshops are always hybrids between training, experimentation and personal development. The idea is to open yourself to change and to start feeling new possibilities.

Your benefit

This is NOT another “tips and tricks” approach aiming to increase leadership skills in a short period of time.

Each workshop is a self-exploration journey designed to:

  • Open your leadership team to a deeper approach to learning by integrating the body, emotions and brain as equal sources of information.
  • Explore your characteristics as a leader and as a collective, who you want to become and how to move towards the leadership quality that will make you successful and inspiring.
  • Teach leaders how to own their state of mind, how they feel and how they approach problems in order to act skilfully and meaningfully even in times of trouble.
  • Develop personal life practices to support their journey towards exemplary leadership.
  • Build an authentic and high-performing leadership team identity.
A real partner, Manu takes time to listen and understand the business environment and challenges. A real adviser, he never hesitates to challenge you. Always enthusiastic, working with him is a real pleasure!

Timothy Manuel, Managing Director Toyota, Lexus Belgium

Sustainable leadership development

What happens after the programme?

For leaders who have completed the workshop, I offer follow-up coaching sessions upon request. The frequency of the sessions can be customised, with coaching sessions of approximately 1.5 hours where the leader identifies topics or areas for discussion and we can review how the learning works in a real-world setting.

How does it work?

I like to meet my clients for an introductory session before we commit to the work. It allows us both to ensure that our personalities and our attitudes are compatible before we begin.

Once our vision and philosophy are aligned, we will clarify your needs and desired outcomes and I will design a customized program that meets these goals.

Finally, we will select the best timing and location to guarantee a high-quality experience for your leadership team.

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