Our Executive Recruitment process

We commit to professional excellence

Our process

Project Definition & Scope

Our briefing meeting is the start of a commitment to complete the work with professional excellence. Based on Company identity and major requirements of the position, we share our insider knowledge and expertise in order to specify the right behavioural characteristics, experience and sourcing strategy to identify top talents for this future role.

Strategic Recruitment

We identify the best qualified candidates for your positions by utilising our own specialized networks and proprietary database. We get the most of our expertise to present the opportunity in a compelling way, commenting meaningfully on the specificities of the position and the cultural aspects of the client organisation. We never delegate this critical part of the recruitment process to researchers.

When interviewing Executives, consultants focus on individual's behavioural characteristics, enabling sensitive judgement of the candidate's ability to perform in the job and adapt to the client organisation and culture. We can also provide clients with additional information about candidates through an in depth Behavioural Assessment Process.

In order to efficiently convert a mutual "fit" into an actual hiring, we put lots of individual attention on candidates and corporate clients through every step of the recruitment process, addressing specific concerns as they arise and minimising risks at the final stage of the search. We provide intensive coaching and advices so that the candidate placement followed by a successful employment can be optimally guaranteed.

Close Follow-up & On Boarding

After the candidate has started in his/her new role, we follow up with candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and fit in order to ensure optimal integration and success. This part of the recruitment process is a key component in the development of our long-term partnership.