Coaching helps you to access and realise your full potential – as an individual and as a leader in the modern business world. It can be a challenging process, but also a life-changing one.

Rethinking how we learn

I believe it’s time to rethink the way we learn.

Information alone won’t transform your behaviours. But regular practice? That’s the key to meaningful change. Think about it… leaders don’t act only with their intellect, as many coaching frameworks would suggest. True leadership come from engaging every aspect of our identity – mind, body, and emotions.

My ontological coaching approach is built on this conviction. And in my experience, it yields the most sustainable results and the most positive behavioural changes for my clients. It certainly has for me.

Manu’s extraordinary skill is to teach you things just by listening and asking simple questions...

Ronny Goossens - Chief Digital Officer, Plantyn

My coaching programme

My role as your coach is to guide you to develop fresh perspectives and increased capacities, and ultimately, to help you reach fulfilment as a person.

I offer a tailored 4 to 6-month development programme designed to meet your individual needs. It may include exercises in self-observation and self-empowerment, creative thinking and healthy practice, as well as rigorous behavioural work that will lead you to new perspectives and rewarding action patterns in your life.

The programme may include a number of important steps, such as:

  • Establishing your aspirations in life and work
  • Clarifying your present situation and priorities
  • Identifying challenges in your life
  • Developing reflective practices and physical exercises to engage with your environment
  • Acknowledging available support structures in your personal and professional life
  • Challenging the limits of your "comfort zone" through action experiments and exercises
  • Building self-observation and self-awareness techniques
  • Developing mechanisms for constructive feedback and self-review.

With commitment and practice, the strategies you learn will continue to benefit you long after your coaching programme ends.

The coaching relationship

A good relationship with your coach is essential. After all, we can only make positive progress if we trust each other and if our expectations are well matched.

Because of this, I like to meet my clients for a free introductory conversation before we commit to the coaching programme. It simply allows us both to ensure that our personalities and our attitudes to the coaching process are compatible before we begin.

Setting goals

For coaching to have a meaningful impact, we need to set goals.

When we meet, we clarify the outcomes and specific competencies we expect from our work together. These can address a wide range of professional topics, such as:

  • Developing a powerful leadership presence
  • Increasing your impact
  • Building more productive relationships with others
  • Balancing conflicting priorities
  • Making meaningful choices for work and for life
  • Building resilience to stress and external pressure
  • Engaging teams in a major change
  • Initiating, enhancing and repairing trust.
Manu is a gifted coach with the ability to ask powerful questions that brings out the best outcomes for his clients.

Mahesh Menon – head of Busiiness Management – ANZ Bank, Singapore

Your commitment

Successful coaching requires commitment, from you and from your coach.

We’ll meet regularly in person or by Skype to review what you’re learning and to re-focus the programme as required.

The exercises you perform will develop in response to real issues you face on a regular basis. This way, as the programme progresses, you’ll find yourself becoming better at identifying the strategies that help sustain you in what you’ve learned.

The reward

From my own experience, I know that coaching often feels like a threatening path to explore. That’s why it’s always such a magic moment when the inner observer truly comes to life, seeing that there are possibilities to be found in every situation, strength to be drawn from every anxiety.

Self-development is an ongoing process. And with the help of coaching, it can become one of the most meaningful things you’ll ever do.

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