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Coaching has helped many of my clients realise their full potential as leaders, and find fulfilment in their daily lives. Here is what some of them have to say about working with me.

Manu Henrard - founder of NineDots

I started coaching sessions with Manu hoping to solve business issues. I ended up with a set of tools supporting me to step back from those issues, look at them in a different way and at the end develop solutions much more powerful, creative and efficient that I had first in mind. His way of developing the person helped me to work with more serenity in my day-to-day life and hence brought me to a higher level of management.

Valerie Pierre – Consumer Division Director – Microsoft

Valerie Pierre
The best solutions in life are the simple ones. Hence the proof Manu Henrard is a brilliant coach as he has the extraordinary skill to teach you things just by listening and asking simple questions.
With my own body, mind and language as the toolset, Manu taught me to observe things which were there but I did not see. He taught me to explore and understand things which were lacking, but are making the difference now.
He taught me to observe myself as well as my public identity, he taught me the strength of the different speech acts and so many more life-changing insights. I feel truly privileged knowing and having learned from Manu.

Ronny Goossens – Chief Digital Officer – Plantyn

Ronny Goossens
An open and truthfull partnership in head-hunting was for me a decisive argument to follow a coaching project with Manu. From the first session, I felt very comfortable and confident in reaching the objectives I had fixed. Indeed, the coaching has rapidly been an eye opener and has offered me positive alternatives to continue growing. The combination of "aha!" moments and feasible practices initiated a real change in my life.
On top of the qualities of the coach, Skype has been the adequate technology offering me the comfort of my "home sweet home", a clear gain in time and the necessary conditions to build the confidential relation with Manu.
The feeling of growing is a gift, thank you for this!

Caroline Barbieux – HR Director – Schweppes

Caroline Barbieux
Manu is a gifted coach with the ability to ask powerful questions that brings out the best outcomes for his clients. All of this comes naturally to him as Manu is truly genuine and connects with every soul that he interacts with.

Mahesh Menon – head of Busiiness Management – ANZ Bank, Singapore

Manesh Menon
Manu is a great coach. I believe I am effective in my work as the CEO of Plantyn but I needed to find new ways of dealing with the high stress level. Manu helped me see my world in a different more peaceful way and helped me integrate new body practices even during board meetings. These very discreet techniques help me increase my results and become more at peace

Murielle Machiels – General Manager – Plantyn Belgium

Mureille Machiels

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