I’m Manu Henrard and I’m an executive coach, recruiter, manager and entrepreneur. I work with leaders to produce new perspectives, fresh behaviours, and fulfilling practices in their lives and businesses. And I love what I do.

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Holistic thinking

I believe in taking a creative, holistic approach to coaching.

Making choices with our minds alone is not enough. We need to reintegrate our bodies and our emotions as domains of learning.

Manu has the extraordinary skill to teach you things just by listening and asking simple questions

Ronny Goossens - Chief Digital Officer - Plantyn

Ronny Goossens
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His way of developing the person helped me to work with more serenity in my day-to-day life and hence brought me to a higher level of management.

Valerie Pierre – Consumer Division Director – Microsoft

Valerie Pierre
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Manu is a gifted coach with the ability to ask powerful questions that brings out the best outcomes for his clients.

Mahesh Menon - head of Business Management - ANZ Bank, Singapore

Manesh Menon
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The combination of “aha!” moments and feasible practices initiated a real change in my life.

Caroline Barbieux, HR Director – Cadbury Schweppes Belgium

Caroline Barbieux
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Manu helped me see my world in a different, more peaceful way and helped me integrate new body practices, even during board meetings.

Murielle Machiels - General Manager - Plantyn Belgium

Mureille Machiels
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My coaching programme

My tailored coaching programme is challenging, practical and results-driven.

It helps you increase your self-awareness, changes your mindset and provides you with practical strategies and support that can result in profound and measurable change – for you and your business.

Considering coaching How coaching works

My clients

I work with executives, entrepreneurs and senior managers who want to access their full potential, as leaders and as human beings.

My clients learn to lead with integrity and authenticity, influence people in meaningful ways, manage change, balance conflicting demands, and build their resilience to the stresses and pressures of the modern business environment.

Case studies

I regularly see my clients achieve life-changing breakthroughs as a result of their commitment to coaching.

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